Kenworth W900L Grill Insert


Kenworth W900L Grill Insert

Kenworth W900L Grill Insert

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Kenworth W900L Grill Insert

All punch options are available with a triple diamond design at request (please mention you want the triple diamond design in your order notes)

Purchase grill bars for your punched grill here:

Punch Options:

-20 Keyholes
-23 Small 1/4” Circles
-24 Large 7/16” Circles
-28 Hexagons
-30 Horizontal Rectangles
-31 Vertical Rectangles
-32 5/16” In-Line Squares
-33 5/16” Offset Squares
-36 Horizontal Oval Holes
-37 Vertical Ovals
-38 Horizontal 3/16” Oblong
-39 Vertical 3/16” Oblong
-40 Horizontal 5/16” Oblong
-41 Vertical 5/16” Oblong
-46 Stars
-47 Snake Skin

If you’d like to upgrade your grill to 14ga steel, please give us a call at: 1 (765) 476-1194 or email us at [email protected]


Additional information

Punch Options

Keyholes, Small 1/4" Circles, Large 7/16" Circles, Hexagons, Horizontal Rectangles, Vertical Rectangles, 5/16" In-Line Squares, 5/16" Offset Squares, Horizontal Oval Holes, Vertical Ovals, Horizontal 3/16" Oblong, Vertical 3/16" Oblong, Horizontal 5/16" Oblong, Vertical 5/16" Oblong, Stars, Snake Skin


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