The Truck Talk Podcast Coming in March

The Truck Talk Podcast

The Truck Talk Podcast Coming in March

The Truck Talk PodcastMany of you spend countless hours behind the wheel, crisscrossing the U.S.  Those miles start to add up and boredom can set in very easily.  We have the perfect remedy for you!  The Truck Talk Podcast, hosted by the staff at Jack’s Chrome Shop, is a weekly show that combines comedy & entertainment with heavy-duty trucking industry news and updates.  The Truck Talk Podcast is a great way for any driver to get their laughs for the week and also stay updated on all things trucking.  We’ll be hosting multiple high profile trucking industry guests and talking about the following topics:

  • The Mid-America Truck Show
  • ELD Mandate
  • Electrically powered trucks & automation
  • Firearm laws around the US and how to carry as a driver
  • Do’s and Don’ts of trucking
  • 10 tips for new drivers
  • How-to build a trucking company from nothing
  • Proper maintenance techniques for big rigs
  • How-to polish your truck effectively
  • Things you need to know before building a show truck
  • The basics of aftermarket truck parts & how to get the best deal

One of the goals we have with The Truck Talk Podcast is to keep our audience involved.  That’s why we’ll be doing a weekly question that anyone can answer via our Facebook and Instagram live streams during the recording of the podcast.  Listeners who want to answer our weekly question OR suggest a question for our hosts can get direct feedback via those social media platforms.  This is a great way for drivers all over the nation to ask high profile guests questions and get real answers immediately.  Expect to see experienced drivers, musicians, politicians, and company representatives as guests on The Truck Talk Podcast.

The first episode of The Truck Talk Podcast drops the Monday after The Mid-America Truck Show (March 26) where we’ll be discussing our experience in Louisville, KY.  Our first guest for the show, announced at a later date, is also attending MATS and we’ll be discussing some of the memorable moments at this years show.

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We hope you’re as excited about The Truck Talk Podcast as we are!  If you’d like to follow our SoundCloud (where the podcast will be posted) click HERE.  We’ve dedicated a portion of the website to the show, so if you’re interested in following the podcast, becoming a guest on the show, or sponsoring The Truck Talk Podcast, read more HERE!



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